Installed Audio Solutions

Help your teams speak and be heard without strain or interruption—and enjoy a leap forward in productivity. Our Installed Audio Solutions for voice and/or video conferencing deliver consistent, life-like HD audio even in challenging environments such as large meeting spaces and conference rooms. Advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression filter out unwanted sound, so all that remains is crystal-clear voice. It's a sound advantage that saves you time and money.

The Polycom Difference

  • Superior Audio Technology: A powerful mixer eliminates distracting background noise to ensure consistent, natural sound.
  • Investment Protection: Share one solution over multiple rooms and platforms to create a unified audio/video environment.
  • Easy Installation: Slash your deployment time and costs.
  • Seamless Integration: Use the control and playback systems you already have in place.



SoundStructure C-Series

Superior sound for when clarity matters most. Experience truly immersive HD audio in larger conferencing environments.

Bring clear and immersive audio conferences into large boardrooms, classrooms and training facilities. Our SoundStructure family can be tailored for any environment to deliver a truly immersive HD audio experience for both voice and video conferences. The unmatched performance and clarity will delight meeting participants and increase productivity.

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SoundStructure SR12

When you need big, clear sound without conferencing capability. Ideal for environments such as conference centers, stadiums, and ballrooms.

You want the biggest and cleanest sound you can get when projecting audio in large environments such as houses of worship, stadiums, conference centers, hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. The Polycom SR12 eliminates feedback and gives you tremendous flexibility to tune hundreds of parameters for the clearest sound possible.

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Solving acoustical challenges

Stop unwanted audio glitches from costing you time and money. Learn how our proven solutions ensure your voice and video conference calls go smoothly.

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