Become a Polycom Technology Partner

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Through our Polycom Technology Partnerships, we can offer more complete, customer-focused solutions to our customers. When each of us focuses on our own core competencies and innovation, we deliver the best possible solutions for very specific customer needs, while collectively enhancing our portfolio offerings.

Our solutions tend toward open standards and away from proprietary interfaces. This offers broad integration and adoption of the solutions we develop. In addition, by developing products to be interoperable, we help protect our customers' existing investments and help them speed their ROI and lower their TCO.

When you are a Polycom Technology Partner, we encourage you to create customer-centric solutions that carry the Polycom Ready or Polycom Powered designation.

How Do I Join?
Register to become a Polycom Technology Partner.

Download the Polycom Technology Partner Program Guide


Polycom Ready solutions are self-tested for those end-user devices, network devices, and software applications that are interoperable with Polycom products and applications.


Polycom Powered solutions are solutions from partners with embedded Polycom applications and technologies.

As a Technology Partner, you benefit from association with the market-leading UC solutions of Polycom and from Polycom endorsing those products of yours that work in conjunction with our solutions. Customers and channel partners have confidence our joint solutions work together to deliver improved capabilities and functionality.

Technology Partners enjoy the following benefits in addition to those available to Polycom Developers:

  • Access to the PolycomConnect for Partners Web site
    Technology Partner Program members have access to the PolycomConnect partner portal. It is a password-protected site that contains a wealth of materials related to the Polycom product portfolio. These include marketing materials, photos, logos, collateral and support information.
  • Opportunities to exhibit at Polycom's global partner event
    Members also have the opportunity to demonstrate their solutions to Polycom's global sales team and channel partners at the annual Team Polycom event. This event provides high exposure and the chance to interact with thousands of Polycom sales partners from across the globe. Developer and Technology Partners can significantly develop and enhance their own channel partner relationships through exhibition (and other) sponsorship opportunities available at Team Polycom Expos.
  • Developer discounts for purchasing Polycom products
    Polycom provides Polycom Technology Partners with significant discounts on products they purchase. We offer these discounts to encourage innovation, accelerate development, and facilitate ongoing support.

Technology Partners are providers of innovative solutions that add value and meet the standards Polycom has set for quality, reliability, and usability. As a Polycom Technology Partner you must meet, the following criteria:

  • Your products must be interoperable with one or more Polycom products through standard interfaces or APIs, and verified to the appropriate degree based on solution type as described in Polycom test plans
  • You must provide demonstrable and incremental customer value, with any combined solution using the partner products or applications as decided via business alignment objectives set for all new partnerships.
  • Your solutions must be complementary to (not competitive with) the Polycom portfolio
  • You must show commitment to an ongoing partnership, innovation exchange, and customer value (as perceived by our mutual customers)
  • You must be willing to sign the Polycom Technology Partner Program Agreement and/or the Polycom Ready or Polycom Powered right to use contract for program logos and brand marks.