Polycom Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare of the future. Delivered now. Video, voice and content solutions for exceptional healthcare experiences.


Telemedicine/ Patient Care

Login. The doctor will see you now. Video collaboration solutions that connect doctors to doctors, doctors to patients, and the entire patient care team.


Telemedicine/Patient Care

Geography no longer limits the level of care you can provide. With crystal clear visual and audio performance and an intuitive, easy to use interface, Polycom healthcare solutions empower you to deliver better, more efficient care.

What you can do

  • Reduce re-hospitalizations by extending the care presence in the home
  • Deliver specialist consults via video for TeleStroke, TeleMental Health, and Primary Care
  • Mitigate in-office time and travel costs for specialty consults

Medical Education

Expand your medical knowledge. Right now, from where you are. Video collaboration solutions that let you share the latest healthcare expertise and innovative techniques.


Medical Education

Connect via desktop or mobile. With video collaboration and video content management solutions, you can partake in, record and deliver patient and provider education with ease.

What you can do

  • Offer live stream and on-demand viewing for CME, patient education, training, disaster preparedness
  • Conduct video grand rounds sharing content, live patient visits or recorded procedures
  • Connect with nursing schools to deliver the latest in training

Healthcare Administration

Make better healthcare business decisions. Video collaboration solutions that improve communication, efficiency, project management and productivity.


Healthcare Administration

Bring your team together via video for on-time meetings. No matter who you need to meet with to make business decisions, video collaboration will enable you to save time, hear directly from busy stakeholders and maximize productivity.

What you can do

  • Utilize collaborative video to support HR, Sales & Marketing, Safety, board meetings and project management
  • Organize and mobilize efforts to implement accountable care models
  • Improve efficiency with easy, on-time meetings, clear content sharing and more engaged participants


Ending Stagnation Survey and Report

Enabling A New Era of Medical R&D with new collaboration tools


Empowering Healthcare Worldwide

Helping medical facilities lower costs, bring expertise to rural areas & improve patient outcomes


Prevention & Wellness

Delivering better care and avoiding unnecessary readmissions


Polycom in Healthcare

Learn how Polycom solutions can improve patient care, medical education and day-to-day administration.




Orlando Health


Red Cross Childrens Hospital


NHS Lothian

"Video has allowed our specialists to engage in ongoing face-to-face planning with field clinicians throughout Europe to ensure patient transfers go smoothly."

Arlan Arabe, Europe Regional Military Command